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12 - 14 January 2018

About Us

Alma Fiesta is the annual Socio-Cultural fest of IIT Bhubaneswar, heralded as the 'Biggest Debutant Fest of India' by The Telegraph in its maiden year 2010. Alma Fiesta has grown to become a beacon of culture and social change. With 150+ colleges, 20,000+ footfall, shimmering stars of 'INDIAN OCEAN', 'AGNEE', 'GAJENDRA VERMA', 'NIKHIL D'SOUZA' and 'THE LOCAL TRAIN'. Alma Fiesta has made a mark unprecedented and unachievable by its contemporaries. An epitome of celebration, Alma Fiesta organises events of dance, music, dramatics and fine arts, workshops like Salsa, Android App development, Self-defence, Paper quilling, Clay modelling and Cyber Crusades and many more.

The Journey

  • Bandish

    Lamhe, 2012
  • Ganesh Talkies

    Headbang, 2013
  • Indian Ocean

    Lamhe, 2013
  • Agnee

    Lamhe, 2014
  • Gajendra Verma

    Lamhe, 2015
  • DJ NYK

    Headbang - 2016
  • Nikhil D'Souza

    Lamhe - 2016
  • The Local Train

    Lamhe - 2017


“Great Great Audience!! Thanks so much!! And the Oriya Food!!! Dalma! Want to return soon!!!”

Indian Ocean, Rock Band

“It has been a very exciting journey with Alma Fiesta from its inception and I continue to be highly impressed with the way the festival has been promoting Social and Environmental causes.”

Sujit Mohapatra, Director & Founder, Bakul Foundation

“IIT Bhubaneswar... You guys rocked and wow! We had the awesomest time playing at Alma Fiesta'13.”

The Ganesh Talkies



Whether you are a dazzling dancer or melodious musician or an articulate debater, we've got you covered on all three days of the fest! List of competitions here.



With a wide array of workshops, Alma Fiesta has something for all. You could learn to make an app or do Salsa. We've also got a special "What After College" workshop!



Are you a gamer? Or can you run long distances? Would you like to try Xorbing? If the answer to any of that is a resounding yes, Alma Fiesta is the place to be at.



Our commitment to give back to the society is unwavering. With events like Prayatna, Spardha and Children Fest, we try to make a difference in our own little way.


Star - Nites

3 Nights, 3 Beats, 1 Stage.
An epitome of culture, the star-nites descended the stars of music and dance to the stage called Alma Fiesta.
Alma Fiesta welcomes you all to sing along the tune, to elope from the world and to cast a spell.

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Headbang - Bodhi Route

Saturday 13 Jan 2018
06:00 PM

With some very talented and young musicians, Bodhi Route aims to combine and spread the richness of the old days and the new era. It is the ultimate combination and celebration of the Indian tradition and coming of age of its youth!
Bodhi Route: Let there be light. Let there be enlightenment. Let there be music.

Lamhe - AronChupa

Sunday 14 Jan 2018
06:00 PM

Hold your breathe as Alma Fiesta presents to you AronChupa, the Grammy-nominated Swedish DJ, singer, rapper, and record producer. Having featured among the Top Ten in most European charts, obtaining multiple Platinum and Gold certifications along the way, he is here to set the stage alight like never before.

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